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Aviva Pools The VOGUE fiberglass pool model
Aviva Pools The VOGUE fiberglass pool model


Enjoy Your Life



To those who are not satisfied with the status quo. To those who understand that the purpose of life is to enjoy it. To those who wish to do so, we invite you to explore our exclusive boutique collection of composite fiberglass swimming pools, intricately designed to enhance your lifestyle.

Aviva Pools The VOGUE fiberglass pool model
Aviva Pools The VOGUE fiberglass pool model


Elevate Your Lifestyle

DISCOVER Your Own Pool Paradise

Your Own Pool Paradise

Build your paradise at home where you can enjoy life and create beautiful memories with your family and friends. Owning your own pool will ensure years of fun and laughter that will bring countless moments to remember, being surrounded by the ones you love.

We are offering the world’s most dynamic in-ground, composite fiberglass swimming pools available with state-of-the-art technology, designed and built with integrity, care and love. Having your own pool will elevate your daily life and set the stage for years of creating beautiful memories.

Owning your personal swimming pool is about creating your own unique outdoor oasis. It is not merely the addition of a pool but an acknowledgement of what is truly important in life: to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

At Aviva Pools, we do not simply offer the world’s best composite fiberglass swimming pools, spas and tanning ledges. Yes, we build our one-piece, in-ground swimming pools with the highest precision available, within strict factory-quality-controlled conditions, one by one, with trusted and experienced professional hands. Yes, what we offer is backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty and a Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty. However, that is not only what we build and what we are able to deliver to you and your family. We believe we are also delivering dreams.

By selecting an Aviva swimming pool, you are telling the world not only who you are but also offer an expression of what a better world can be. A world full of possibilities, of joy, of hope and laughter. A world that you create in your own backyard.

Aviva Pools The INTRIGUE fiberglass pool model
Aviva Pools The INTRIGUE fiberglass pool model
Aviva Pools The INTRIGUE fiberglass pool model


The Intrigue

Model Spotlight 

The DYNASTY Collection was created for those who believe in taking contemporary design to a showcase level.

We have accomplished this with the creation of an expanded entry area / splash pad platform that still allows for an open channel of swimming beyond the stage.

The size allows it to be used as a centerpiece for forward-thinking landscape design while remaining purposeful. Relax with friends and family while enjoying the pleasures of a swimming pool.

Aviva Pools The DYNASTY fiberglass pool aerial view
Aviva Pools The LUXE fiberglass pool profile

EXPERIENCE Your Personal Spa

Your Personal Spa

Design your own peaceful retreat where you can escape, recharge and relax. Your oasis of tranquility. Our beautiful spas make the perfect addition to our in-ground composite fiberglass swimming pools. Our exclusive line of spa designs reflect the intersection of technology, style and beauty. Relax and reenergize in a beautiful setting that reflects your personal style.

Embrace the chance to slip into the warm, enriching waters that will cradle you with rhythmic streams of pulsating water against your body. All in the privacy of your own backyard.

At Aviva Pools, we understand the benefits of having your own spa. It is a chance to relax when the world outside is continually pounding on you, demanding more and more. Here, in your spa, there are no such challenges. Your spa is a place of refuge where you can sit back and take a sip of what life has to offer.

Built with the world’s best composite fiberglass technology, our spas offer you a variety of choices. With both square and round shaped design options, our spas offer an open, flexible seating plan to indulge yourself or share with others.

Many athletes enjoy having a spa to slip into after a nice run to help massage their muscles and rejuvenate their body. Many business executives enjoy being able to spend time meditating in their spa which helps them better focus on creative ideation and problem solving. And there is always the social aspect of enjoying pleasant times with your family or friends in a relaxing environment.

The flexibility of spas provides many options to you to complement your lifestyle and personal taste. Aviva Pools spas do not have jets pre-installed, this way allowing you to work with your contractor to position these where you prefer. You can place as many as you like within our spas to focus on your shoulders, upper and/or lower back and your calves. The spa size also allows it to be placed separately from your pool or be used to complement the pool, allowing for water to spill over from your spa into your pool in a cascading effect.

We invite you to learn more about the joys and value that adding an Aviva Pools spa can deliver to you and your family.

ENJOY Cooling Down In The Sun

Cooling Down In The Sun

Extend the joy of your swimming pool by adding a tanning ledge that will complement your pool design. Also called a sun deck or baja deck, these tanning ledges provide a variety of versatile options to keep you cool while enjoying the sun.

Aviva Pools offers two unique ledges to brighten up your poolside experience. The TL-C provides a curved edge for a perfect addition to freeform pools. It has enough length at over 10 feet with a width just under eight feet to allow for sun bathing or serve as a design statement by featuring a poolside water display. The TL-R is perfect for sliding up against classic rectangular pool designs. The ledges allow you to select the option for a 32 inch spillway or a three-spillway option to create a more dramatic waterfall effect.

We also offer an avant-garde ledge option with the TL-XL that extends our tanning ledges to a full 14 feet width which provides even more space for lounge chairs or allows the use of a sun umbrella for that perfect cabana feel.

Tanning ledges are built with the same advanced composite fiberglass technology and the world’s leading gelcoat applications. This ensures a long-lasting lifetime of enjoyment that is on a par with your swimming pool.

You can elevate the tanning ledge to new design dimensions by incorporating water jets around them, bubblers inside them or put in a few returns to push refreshing water at your feet.

Talk to your Aviva Pools dealer about all the opportunities available to take your dreams to yet another level.

Aviva Pools The VOGUE fiberglass pool model
Aviva Pools The VOGUE fiberglass pool model


Committed To Our Product

Every Aviva Pool is covered by our world
class Lifetime Warranty

Every Aviva Pool is covered by our world class Lifetime Warranty

At Aviva Pools, we take great pride in the delivering of dreams to families all across the country. With a commitment to ethical practices and a sense of responsibility to uphold, we ensure that each and every Aviva Pools composite fiberglass swimming pool meets the high standards you expect from us. This quality embodies a promise that is reflective of the values we stand for.



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