The Quality of Aviva Pools

Aviva Pools The VOGUE fiberglass pool model
Aviva Pools The VOGUE fiberglass pool model



Aviva Pools espouses the values of world-class design matched with flawless manufacturing. This achievement is possible through an uncompromising spirit of integrity shared by all who contributed to the creation, sales, distribution and installation of our range of products. Such standards deliver the premium experience you can expect from the Aviva Pools brand.

CODE of Ethics




We consider our adherence to perfection a holistic pursuit; we are committed to a standard of using the finest materials, employing the most experienced craftsman and applying the utmost care. Such devotion to quality renews our tradition of excellence through continual refinement.

Aviva pools are exclusively manufactured with premium raw materials and an artisan spirit by our team of industry experts. That superior choice is far from the industry standard and will ensure that you purchase a premium product that is also backed by all our warranty guarantees.

“Aviva Pools are designed
to protect themselves.”

“Aviva Pools are designed to protect themselves.”


We understand that a pool is a significant investment of time and money on the part of our customers. That’s why we take our responsibility to our customers so seriously. You can always know that your Aviva Pool has been developed with the finest technology available in the fiberglass industry and is backed by our lifetime limited warranty.


Your backyard is the final destination of the journey of our next Aviva Pools swimming pool. Getting there requires many hands working in sync to ensure our high standards are met. Which is why we are just as committed to the production quality of your pool as we are to the health and safety of each employee across every department.

From our master woodworkers and our fiberglass laminators, our national administrative team and our logistics infrastructure, to our delivery drivers and experienced network of independently owned and operated dealers. We are a team, working together to deliver your dream.


is Integral

Central to the core of every Aviva Pool is an unmistakable level of quality, sourced by an unrelenting commitment to protecting our most precious treasures.

Protecting the Earth

Aviva Pools swimming pools are designed to act as an impermeable membrane positioned in the ground. In this way, they are protecting the water inside from the dirt and debris outside, and protecting the earth around the shell from leeching your properly balanced swimming water into the local groundwater system.

Providing for your Family

Owning your own Aviva Pool means unlimited access to lifelong family memories. We take the greatest pride in providing you with a product built to last. The dazzling surface of your Aviva Pool is coated with the top-rated gelcoat composite in the industry, offering a nonporous, smooth to the touch finish that won’t agitate skin or trap and hide algae. Plus, integrated nonslip protection ensures safe enjoyment for all.

Ensuring your Investment

Aviva Pools devotion to a responsible manufacturing process inside and out has placed us at the forefront of our industry. The assurance of this benchmark rests in meticulous quality control and routine lab testing to ensure the performance of our products, and our promise to you.

Crafting a Legacy

What makes an Aviva Pool different? It’s the passion, care and attention to detail taken by the artisans who build each and every pool. We understand that we are not just building a fiberglass shell. We are crafting the framework for the memories that you are going to create around your Aviva Pool.

CARE Instructions

Every Aviva Pool is a carefully crafted, one of a kind piece of merchandise. We believe in preserving beauty by adhering to the following tips.


Color Brilliance

The dazzling gelcoat surface of every Aviva Pool provides excellent UV, blister and chemical resistance…


Water Balance

The most important thing you can do for your pool is maintain properly balanced water chemistry…


Care Routine

A clean pool is a beautiful pool. For low hassle maintenance, the use of robotic cleaners is recommended…



Balanced water chemistry is made possible by a dance of equipment components that all work together…


Safety Cover

Automatic safety covers provide added security and are the easiest way to keep your pool free of debris when not in use…


While we strive to make our products as carefree as possible, in order for an Aviva Pool to stay in optimal condition, it must be cared for properly. By following the guidance care outlined above and as located in the Aviva Pools Carebook, and by speaking with local dealer, your pool can be perfectly maintained with ease to ensure your elevated lifestyle for decades to come.

TRUE BEAUTY is Authentic

is Authentic

At Aviva Pools, we take great pride in the delivering of dreams to families all across the country. With a commitment to ethical practices and a sense of responsibility to uphold, we ensure that each and every Aviva Pools composite fiberglass swimming pool meets the high standards you expect from us. This quality embodies a promise that is reflective of the values we stand for.

Every pool that leaves our factory is outfitted with a unique plaque, signifying its authenticity as a true Aviva Pools swimming pool. This fingerprint provides proof that your new pool is covered by our world class Lifetime Warranty.

“Your new pool is covered by
our world class Lifetime

“Your new pool is covered by our world class Lifetime Warranty”

Aviva Pools are sold exclusively by authorized dealers. To be connected with your closest Aviva Pools dealer and learn more about our Lifetime Warranty, click here.

Thank you for choosing Aviva Pools.