Are you considering adding a fiberglass pool to your backyard and want to explore the idea of incorporating fire features? Discover the exciting possibilities with Aviva Pools as we delve into how these fiery accents can take your outdoor space to new heights. Learn how adding fire features to your new fiberglass swimming pool can bring a modern and stylish twist to your backyard gatherings, creating an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and entertainment. See how these additions can transform your future backyard oasis into a versatile retreat that’s perfect for any occasion.


1. The Modern Appeal of Fire by the Water: Transform Your Backyard Experience with the Beauty of Waterside Flames

2. Contemporary Options for Fire Features: Find the Perfect Match for Your Style

3. Benefits of Modern Fire Features: Discover the Transformative Power of Poolside Water Features

4. Safety and Maintenance Considerations: Smart Practices for Poolside Fire Features

5. Customization to Fit Your Style: Tailoring Your Fire Features to Your Unique Taste

6. A Symphony of Modern Elements: Creating a Captivating Outdoor Experience

7. Conclusion

8. FAQs

transform your backyard experience with the beauty of waterside flames

Combining fire and water in your backyard isn’t just visually striking; it’s also incredibly inviting. Fire features next to your fiberglass pool offer a stunning visual contrast and provide a cozy layer of welcoming warmth that extends your pool’s usability into cooler evenings, making it a practical and inviting space for all occasions.

Aviva recommends some contemporary options for fire features

find the perfect match for your style

From sleek fire bowls to functional fire tables and striking outdoor fireplaces, there’s a contemporary option to suit every taste and lifestyle. Whether you prefer a minimalist aesthetic or love to host gatherings, there’s a fire feature that will enhance your outdoor space and complement your new fiberglass pool perfectly.

Benefits of Modern Fire Features:
discover the transformative power of poolside water features

Incorporating modern fire features into your outdoor space offers a myriad of benefits that extend beyond mere aesthetics. Beyond enhancing ambiance, these features extend the enjoyment of your pool well into the evenings, allowing you to relish every moment under the starlit sky. Picture yourself basking in the cozy warmth beside the mesmerizing flames, surrounded by loved ones, as the night air carries laughter and conversation into the air.

Moreover, these enhancements can potentially contribute to the overall value of your property, making it an investment that not only enriches your lifestyle but also enhances your home’s appeal. By seamlessly blending functionality with style, poolside fire features create an inviting sanctuary where relaxation, unwinding and the creation of cherished memories become effortless and unforgettable experiences for years to come.

smart practices for poolside fire features

Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to fire features, especially near water. That’s why Aviva Pools recommends working with professional installers to ensure they are safely and strategically placed. Regular maintenance is also crucial to keep these features operating at their best, ensuring years of enjoyment and luxury.

tailoring your fire features to your unique taste

We understand every backyard is unique. As such, we offer a range of customization options to suit your style preferences. From choosing materials and designs that complement your home to selecting the size and placement that best fits your space, we are dedicated to helping you realize your vision.

The benefits of modern poolside fire features

creating a captivating outdoor experience

Introducing a fire feature into your outdoor space through Aviva Pools’ meticulously crafted fiberglass swimming pools ignites a transformative journey. As the flickering flames dance in harmony with the serene waters, they become the heart of your outdoor sanctuary, infusing it with an unparalleled sense of allure and enchantment. Picture gatherings illuminated by the warm glow, where laughter resonates against the crackling embers, fostering an atmosphere of conviviality and intimacy.

Further, the hypnotic dance of fire captivates the senses, drawing you closer to nature’s embrace, while casting an ethereal ambiance that elevates every moment into an unforgettable experience. With each radiant flicker, the fire feature becomes more than a mere addition; it becomes the soul of your outdoor haven, kindling connections, igniting passions and transforming ordinary nights into extraordinary memories that linger in the hearts and minds of all who appreciate its mesmerizing embrace.


At Aviva Pools, we’re committed to helping you create the backyard of your dreams. With our tailored and aspirational approach, we invite you to explore the enchanting possibilities that a stylish fiberglass pool accented by an eye-catching fire feature can bring to your backyard. Connect with us to transform your outdoor space into a contemporary oasis of luxury and relaxation with a fiberglass pool and enchanting fire features.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adding Fire Features to Your Fiberglass Pool

Q: Are fire features safe to install near a fiberglass pool?
A: Safety is our top priority. Aviva Pools recommends working with professional installers to ensure that they are strategically placed and comply with safety standards, especially when near water.

Q: What maintenance is required for poolside fire features?
A: Regular maintenance is important to ensure longevity and optimal performance. This includes cleaning, inspecting gas lines (if applicable) and ensuring proper ventilation. Aviva Pools can provide guidance on maintenance schedules and procedures.

Q: Can fire features be customized to match my backyard’s aesthetic?
A: Absolutely! Aviva Pools offers a range of customization options to tailor fire features to your unique style preferences. From selecting materials and designs to determining size and placement, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve your vision for the perfect backyard oasis.

Q: How do fire features enhance the ambiance of my backyard?
A: They add a touch of warmth, elegance and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space. They create a cozy atmosphere for relaxation and entertainment, extending the usability of your fiberglass pool into cooler evenings and making every occasion special.

Q: Will adding fire features increase my property value?
A: Yes, they can potentially enhance the overall appeal and value of your property. They contribute to creating a luxurious and inviting outdoor living space, which could potentially make it a compelling selling feature for prospective buyers down the line.