As the sun’s rays intensify and the temperatures rise, there’s no better oasis of refreshment than your own poolside retreat. Whether you’re seeking solace from the scorching heat or simply looking for ways to enhance your aquatic enjoyment, Aviva Pools has curated a list of 17 invigorating methods to cool off and make the most of your poolside haven.

From serene relaxation to exciting water activities, these ideas offer a spectrum of options for all ages to revel in the blissful combination of water and leisure to ensure your poolside experience remains a sanctuary of comfort and delight.

Beat the heat with your fiberglass pool

Lounge on a splash pad: Our integrated splash pads provide a shallow, flat ledge in the pool, allowing you to lounge partially submerged, perfect for sunbathing while staying cool. The Dynasty, for example, offers a spacious splash pad that is six feet long and 12 feet wide.

Sip and dip: Set up a poolside refreshment area. Nothing spells luxury like sipping on a chilled sparkling water or a thirst-quenching sweet tea while partially submerged in cool water.

Nighttime neon: With customizable LED lighting, you can magically transform your pool into a neon paradise. Swim under the stars with the water lit in hues of your choice.

Beat the heat with a fiberglass pool from Aviva Pools

Water curtains: Elevate your pool experience with cascading water curtains. The gentle flow is not only soothing to watch but also delightful to swim under.

Other personalized water features: From fountains to waterfalls, Aviva Pools can design bespoke water features that accentuate your pool’s elegance and have a cooling effect.

Zen garden vibes: Surround your pool area with lush greenery, potted plants, a small rock garden or sand Zen garden. These natural elements will create a sense of tranquility. Plus, they will add a layer of soothing nature aesthetics to your space.

Cooling mists: Install misters around the pool perimeter. These fine sprays of water can reduce air temperatures and offer a cool zone outside the pool.

Floating spa session: Drift away with floatable spa cushions. Enhanced with waterproof speakers, you can have a meditation or music session as you float.

Subaquatic sounds: If it is within your budget, consider investing in an underwater sound system. Then, you can tune into calming music beneath the surface, adding another sensory layer to your swim.

The poolside cabana: A poolside cabana is more than just a shaded area. It can also become a private haven that combines comfort, aesthetics and practicality. The primary function of a cabana is to provide a shaded retreat where you can escape the sun’s intense rays. This shade not only offers relief from the heat but also adds an element of luxury and relaxation to your pool area. Whether you’re lounging on a comfortable chair, reading a book or simply enjoying the view, the cabana becomes your sanctuary away from the sun’s glare.

Swim-up library: Waterproof books and e-readers have made it possible to combine literature and leisure. Set up a swim-up ledge with your favorite reads. Make your cool-off session a real page-turner.

Icy pool floats: Aviva Pools recommends floats with pockets or holders. Fill them with ice or cold packs to keep you extra cool while lounging.

Starry canopy: For those who have poolside pergolas, stringing them with fairy lights can create a cooler ambiance, making nighttime swims enchanting.

Stay cool in the summer heat with an Aviva swimming pool

Aquatic aerobics: Water exercises are not only great for fitness but also help you cool cool down. Create a routine and feel refreshed.

Refreshing swim: On a similar note, the most obvious and effective way to cool off with your luxury fiberglass pool is to take a refreshing swim. Made with smooth, non-abrasive fiberglass with heat resistant properties to help maintain a comfortable water temperate, you can luxuriate in the crystal-clear water and enjoy a relaxing swim to lower your body temperature and escape the heat.

Cooling tiles: Upgrade the area surrounding your pool with poolside cooling tiles. These are designed to stay cool even under scorching sun, ensuring your feet are always pampered.

Evening pool parties: Organize evening pool parties or gatherings when the sun starts to set. As the temperatures cool down in the evening, the pool water retains its warmth, making it a comfortable and inviting place to cool off. Set up some ambient lighting around the pool area, play some of your favorite music and enjoy the cooler evening breeze as you relax by the poolside or take a leisurely swim. It’s a great way to socialize, have fun and stay refreshed in a luxurious setting.

An inground fiberglass swimming pool from Aviva Pools is more than just your average pool. It’s a statement of luxury, a realm of relaxation and a world of water wonders. As the temperatures rise, there’s no place more inviting or refreshing.

Explore and enjoy a variety of cooling experiences awaiting you in your backyard oasis. With Aviva Pools, every splash is steeped in luxury. Escape the heat and embrace a world of cooling comfort by connecting with your local pool dealer today.