Yearning for a backyard sanctuary but stuck with limited real estate? Then we have great news. You can elevate your small backyard space with an inground fiberglass swimming pool from Aviva Pools’ and this guide to chic backyard living. Aviva Pools is your ticket to turning cramped quarters into a luxe retreat that’s big on style, not square footage. Our boutique lineup of fiberglass pools redefines small-space living, blending form and function for the ultimate backyard splash.

transform your tiny haven with incomparable style

1. Sleek and Chic Designs: Size doesn’t dictate style. Aviva Pools’ range of pool sizes and shapes caters to every taste, from minimalist rectangles to curvaceous showstoppers. Embrace your space constraints and let our sleek designs elevate your backyard aesthetic – it’s all about making a statement, not sacrificing square footage.

2. Seamless Integration, Elevated Experience: Merge your pool seamlessly into your outdoor haven for a vibe that’s effortlessly cool. Think built-in seating for impromptu hangs, sleek decking for poolside lounging and minimalist landscaping to elevate your space. With Aviva Pools, customization is king – tailor your pool setup to suit your lifestyle and maximize your chill factor.

Top tips from Aviva Pools on getting the most out of a small backyard

3. Think Vertically, Live Large: Limited ground space? No problem. Flip the script and embrace vertical living with elevated features like raised decks, hanging planters and tiered landscaping. It’s all about expanding your horizons and creating depth in your outdoor oasis – because in the world of Aviva Pools, the sky’s the limit.

4. Spa Vibes, All Day, Every Day: Who needs a getaway when you’ve got a spa in your own backyard? Upgrade your pool game with a spa combo from Aviva Pools for the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation. Picture yourself soaking away the stress of the day, cool drink in hand – now that’s living your best life.

5. Form Meets Function: Don’t sacrifice style for substance. Optimize your space with furniture and accessories that are as chic as they are practical. From sleek loungers to compact dining sets, every piece should pull double duty – because in a small space, every square inch counts.

6. Light Up the Night: Set the mood and keep the party going long after the sun sets with strategic lighting effects. Think soft, ambient glow for intimate gatherings and bold spotlights for late-night swims – because in the world of Aviva Pools, every moment is Instagram-worthy.

7. Greenery Galore: Bring the outdoors in (or out, in this case) with lush greenery and stylish landscaping. Vertical gardens, potted plants and hanging foliage add a touch of urban jungle chic to your backyard oasis, creating a vibe that’s equal parts serene and sophisticated.

8. Maximize Your Entertaining Space: Don’t let the size of your backyard limit your hosting capabilities. With Aviva Pools, you can maximize your entertaining space by incorporating versatile features like built-in bars, outdoor kitchens and cozy fire pits. Transform your backyard into the ultimate hangout spot where you can host unforgettable gatherings with friends and family.

9. Create a Relaxing Retreat: Your backyard should be a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and unwind in style. Consider adding features like a tranquil water feature, cozy hammock or shaded pergola to create a peaceful retreat where you can relax and recharge whenever you need a break.

10. Personalize with Unique Décor: Make your backyard oasis truly your own by incorporating unique décor and personal touches. Whether it’s funky outdoor rugs, eclectic throw pillows or statement-making sculptures, adding personality to your outdoor space will make it feel like an extension of your home and a reflection of your personal style.

Turn your small backyard into a relaxing retreat

Aviva Pools is your ticket to small-space living, reimagined. With sleek designs, seamless integration, vertical living, spa vibes, functional flair, captivating lighting, greenery galore, entertaining spaces, relaxing retreats and personalized décor, you can transform your compact backyard into a chic retreat that’s tailor-made for your lifestyle.

So why settle for cramped quarters when you can live large with Aviva Pools? Dive in and elevate your outdoor experience today. Contact a local dealer to get started.