next level luxury

Imagine stepping out into your backyard to a gleaming inground backyard fiberglass pool from the exclusive boutique collection from Aviva Pools. Now, top that off with a slick automatic cover. It’s not just for good looks—it’s your pool’s knight in shining armor.

Choosing a pool from Aviva Pools says something about you. It’s not just a splash into luxury; it’s a reflection of your hard-earned success. And smart pool owners like you know that to keep that top-notch condition, a solid line of defense is key. That’s where the genius of Integra Pool Covers comes in, marrying luxury with practicality.

smart cover, smarter investment

Think about it: as a pool owner, an automatic pool cover is your best friend. It’s elegance that works hard. One push of a button, and your pool is protected, keeping its glamour without sacrificing functionality.

Saving on energy bills? Check. The cover traps heat efficiently, cutting down on the need for extra heating. It’s like an insulated blanket, so your pool is always ready for a swim, even when it’s a bit chilly outside.

Safety is a big deal, right? And with an automatic pool cover, you’ve got peace of mind in an instant. Poolside safety is locked down, just like that.

Tired of fishing out leaves and dealing with unexpected pool guests like bugs and critters? This cover is your year-round guard, ensuring your pool stays spotless.

In hot weather, water can disappear fast. But with your cover, evaporation is kept in check, so you’re not constantly topping off the pool. Consider it conservation made easy.

sleek design, simple use

When you opt for a fiberglass pool from Aviva Pools, you’re making an investment to elevate your lifestyle. And adding an automatic pool cover? That’s about refining the pool experience. It’s about ensuring every aspect of your pool is as smart and thoughtful as you are.

For you, every minute counts. The convenience of a cover that rolls out or retracts in seconds means maintaining your pool is no longer a hassle. You’ve got more time for the things you love, thanks to less cleaning, heating and chemical balancing.

And these covers aren’t just practical; they’re designed to complement your pool’s design, making sure it looks great, even when covered up.

Automatic Pool Covers for the ultimate in pool safety

the wise pool choice for pool owners like yourself

Your fiberglass pool is not just a pool; it’s a testament to your journey and achievements. Opting for an automatic pool cover, you’re not only keeping your pool in peak condition—you’re endorsing a lifestyle that cherishes quality, ease and safety.

Life’s about seizing the best, recognizing your worth and ensuring your environment echoes your drive. Some may suggest an automatic pool cover is just an add-on. However, we think it is also a necessity, the finishing touch to your pool that says you’re all about the best.

As you enjoy the comfort of your luxurious fiberglass pool from Aviva Pools, think about the added advantages of an automatic pool cover. You are safeguarding your oasis. Plus, you are also enhancing your pool time with unparalleled ease and elegance.