Aviva Pools offers the world’s most glamorous and contemporary composite fiberglass swimming pool designs. What better way to celebrate the introduction of a new year than by offering you four exciting new styles to sweep you off your feet?

to Make Your Dreams Come True

We invite you to elevate your lifestyle and make your dreams come true by embracing a life of luxury, elegance, and sophistication.

These newest designs provide a richer range of options for you to consider and enjoy. It is helpful to know that all these designs are built upon a foundation of structural excellence. All our composite fiberglass pools are built with three complete layers of full vinyl ester resin and topped off with the world’s most vibrant gelcoat colors.

The result: there are only good options when it comes to having the world’s best made, most complete composite fiberglass swimming pool, spa, and/or tanning ledge. Built under strict quality control conditions within our temperature-controlled factory, we can assure you that your pool is built to the highest standards, with the best talent, and under the most favorable conditions. This allows us to provide delivery to your backyard where your local dealer can install your work of art into your background for your visual and physical enjoyment.

Make 2022 your best year ever with the introduction of one of these new designs from Aviva Pools:


The Aviva Pools “Apex” was designed to capitalize on the world’s most wanted and unique benefits: a full-width splash pad that measures over 15 feet wide PLUS a full-length bench along one side of the pool. This ledge allows participants to enjoy any depth of the pool by sitting on the ledge or climbing up on it.

The splash pad water will be in the 17 to 18 inch depth allowing for the placement of chairs for cooling down in the hot sun or allowing you to watch the kids play in the pool in front of you while you relax.

Available in three lengths (30, 35 and 40 feet), this unique design comes with depths that will run to six feet, six and a half feet, and to seven feet in the 40 foot long edition.


The Aviva Pools “Ovation” builds upon the unique designs of the Aviva Pools “Apex” by building down. That is, it is a slimmer, trimmer version of “The Apex” while providing its unique advantages. Specifically, it offers the full width splash pad, but this is now 12’ 6” in width (as opposed to over 15 feet with “The Apex.

“The Ovation” also offers three lengths but in a more compact size. These lengths are 23, 26 and 30 feet. This brings your deep end depth to 5’4”, 5’8” and 6 feet at these lengths.

If you are searching for an inviting design but in a more subdued tone, then we invite you to consider “The Ovation” as your next swimming pool.


The Aviva Pools “Intrigue” takes swimming pool design up yet another notch. It does this by adding a built-in spa upon a full-width splash pad and a full-length bench along the pool’s side.

The splash pad measures out at 8 feet in width and shares the entry area with a built-in spa that is ??? feet in width and over eight and half feet in length. The spa offers “open” seating allowing you to accommodate several guests into the spa. There is a spillway that will push water out into the splash pad area for an additional waterfall effect.

The full-length seat/ bench along the pool allows for more people to feel comfortable using the full length of the pool. This will be perfect for friends and family members to enjoy as people congregate in the pool, in the splash pad and in the spa area.


The Aviva Pools “Triumph” shares the design features of the “The Intrigue” but offers it in a dazzling package allowing it to fit into more demanding spaces or into landscape designs that require a trimmer version.

“The Triumph” provides all three incredible elements of the “The Triumph.” This includes a splash pad (measuring five feet across and eight feet in length) in partnership with a built-in spa (4’11” in width and more than 6’8” in length.)

This pool is available in two lengths: 26 feet (with a final depth of 5’8”) and 30 feet (with a deep end depth at six feet.)

This is the complete package: pool, built-in spa, and splash pad. This is the ideal choice for small backyard settings that still deserve that luxurious touch.


The Aviva Pools “Dynasty” design turned heads when it was first introduced in 2019. The primary reason for this was the stunning splash pad showcase it offered. Measuring 12 feet across and six and a half feet wide, this allowed for an extraordinary experience inside the pool – and outside the pool with the simple viewing of this design.

Our first introduction offered lengths of 26 and 30 feet but it has proven so popular that customers asked for an even larger size. Therefore, Aviva Pools is proud to introduce our newest model within the “Dynasty” line-up: The Aviva Pools “Dynasty 35.”

“The Dynasty 35” provides more length – with a full 35 feet of swimming space, end to end.
“The Dynasty 35” provides more width – at 13’5” which now provides over eight feet to wade in.
“The Dynasty 35” provides more depth – starting at 3’8” at the shallow end and ending at almost 6’2” in the deep end.

To put it simply, we now give you more pool to match the most outstanding splash pad.

THE Aviva Pools

While these are our newest designs, we remind you that there are six primary designs we initially introduced several years ago.

See our complete line up of outstanding designs and styles by visiting our website. We offer an outstanding variety of swimming pool designs from “plunge pools” (The Aviva Pools “Chic”) to freeform elegance (The Aviva Pools “Eden”) and classic beauty (The Aviva Pools “Vogue.”) We offer gorgeous built-in pool /spa combinations (The Aviva Pools “Serene”) and avant gard splash pad features (The Aviva Pools “Luxe” and “Dynasty.”)

To add to this, we offer you seven stunning gelcoat color options that allow you the freedom to better showcase your personal design and tailor your landscaping visions.

THE Aviva Pools

An additional reminder that our beauty is not just skin-deep. Our composite fiberglass swimming pools are backed by our commitment to excellence and quality. This allows us to offer you these outstanding benefits:

• A Lifetime Structural Warranty

• A Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty.

• A 10-Year Surface Warranty.

• Quality Control – Factory Built

• Easier & Faster Installation

• Easier & Less Maintenance

• Perimeter Swimouts

• Pet Friendly

• Salt Water Compatibility

We invite you to make your dreams come true. Discover the impressive fiberglass swimming pool designs Aviva Pools offers you in their private collection.

Reach out to us by calling 833-AVIVA-POOLS (833-284-8276) or by providing your contact information at our website. We will then connect you with your closest independent dealer who can provide you with additional guidance and information (including a free estimate.)

Make it a Happy New Year by starting with a New Aviva Pools Design.