Aviva Pools was designed for people who value beauty. Aviva Pools was built for those who prefer unique contemporary designs. Aviva Pools was created for those who prefer to lead. Aviva Pools is here to help make dreams come true.

We offer the world’s most dynamic in-ground, one-piece composite fiberglass swimming pools, spas and tanning ledges for people searching to share quality time with their family and friends in a safe, secure, and healthy outdoor living environment. Using the highest standards of composite fiberglass pool technology, we currently offer six contemporary designs in 15 specific sizes to captivate your senses.  Within this, we offer you the ability to “travel the world” through seven stunning gelcoat color applications inspired by the most beautiful places in the world, offering you unmatched beauty to transform your backyard.

of Life

Aviva Pools was designed for those who want to enjoy life to its fullest.  It is for those who are not only successful in their respective careers but understand that joy is meant to be shared and appreciated.  Celebrate the best moments in life through a private moment, beside your pool, in meditation or quiet reflection.  Share your happiness with precious moments around your pool with your family, watching the children play games and listening to their laughter.  Help make life better for others by inviting them to join you and your family in the backyard in healthy activities around the pool and enjoying conversation around the pool or dancing to music poolside.  This is what life was meant to me.  This is what dreams are made of – and they now can be turned into reality.

fiberglass swimming pool lifestyle


The initial designs for Aviva Pools were meant to inspire the lifestyle you deserve.  Flowing curves and elegant designs like “The Eden” and “The Serene” demonstrate how far composite fiberglass swimming pool production has come.  This is modern technology transformed into pure design and works of art.

Glamorous and unique splash pads invigorate the designs found within “The Vogue”, “The Luxe” and “The Dynasty”. These designs provide an incredible “Wow” factor when you first see them and provide a durable, strong, long-lasting impression upon guests.  It is an experience that will truly create memories and a long-lasting, positive impact.

“The Chic” demonstrates how a “simple” design can enhance your backyard.  It is designed to fit into smaller environments but allows for dramatic landscape appeal.  It compliments homes that serve as “retreats” or “getaways” and is perfect for rental properties and homes that have a rooftop view onto the world around them.  This is a pool where its simplicity belies its elegance and appeal.

planned for summer release

Aviva Pools has announced five new fiberglass swimming pools to be released this summer, which will add another 11 models to their portfolio.  These designs include full-width splash pads, one of today’s most popular pool features, with several incorporating built-in spas to further enhance their appeal.  One design, the Dynasty 35, expands upon their creativity of a large splash pad by increasing the width and length of the pool providing even greater swim appeal.

of the world

Aviva Pools’ appeal is enhanced by your ability to select one of the seven wonderful colors of the world.  We provide the opportunity to provide the perfect backyard vacation oasis through the use of our acclaimed gelcoat colors.  Envision yourself with a “Tahiti Blue” or travel to the beaches with “Seychelles Sand.”  Enjoy the lighter tones of “Exuma Silver” or be bold with “Bora Bora Black.”

All the colors are designed to transport you to another world where you can safely enjoy your time together and create many lasting memories.  These gelcoats are the world’s best, imported from Australia, where they have been proven to withstand years of hot summer sun as well as the intense cold that are found in homes such as Canada.

backed by the world’s best warranty

Aviva Pools is proud to not only offer the world’s best designs but also the world’s best swimming pool warranties.  This includes a Lifetime Structural Warranty, assuming families that their pools are structurally sound as well as a Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty, providing assurances that their pools are protected against water penetration between the primary layers of production.

The major reason Aviva Pools can offer these warranties is because of the high-quality raw materials used in the production of their fiberglass swimming pools.  It all starts with the use of 100% full vinyl ester resin throughout the layers of fiberglass production.  Layer upon layer upon layer relies on this high-quality application which not only sets the standard for the pool’s structure but also provides the best protection against water penetration.  There are many fiberglass pool companies that fail to use full vinyl ester resin in more than one application which significantly increases the risk of osmosis and “bubbling” within their pools many years after installation.

contemporary design with modern technology

Over twenty years ago, fiberglass swimming pool technology was in its infancy with limited designs and unfamiliar installation techniques.  Today, this technology has been proven with over 100,000 fiberglass swimming pools being enjoyed by families around the world.  It has now reached the point where it is in a position of becoming the preferred standard for swimming pools.

There are many reasons for this but the primary ones include:

  • Factory controlled, quality production

  • Less installation time needed

  • Less maintenance requirements

  • Splash Pad availability

  • Pets compatibility

  • Salt Water Systems compatiblity

  • Perimeter Swimouts for less confident swimmers

  • Variety in design, colors and features

Many families prefer having their pools arrive at their homes knowing that they are going to receive exactly what they ordered and not having to worry that their pool construction is at the mercy of untrained workers in their backyard, taking months to prepare while worrying about weather delays and other interruptions that may occur with their builder.

Many families enjoy knowing that installation time is dramatically reduced with actual installation taking as little as two or three days.  This means one day to actually perform the dig, one day to accept their Aviva Pools swimming pool and have it installed in their backyard.  Then, one day to complete the plumbing, backfill and prepare the pool for use.  With proper planning, installation could be completed shortly thereafter with a concrete pour and/or designer pavers and stone.  This is a dramatic improvement over the installation of vinyl liner pools or gunite/concrete pools.

the perfect pool for you

We suggest that you start by viewing the variety of Aviva Pools products available at our website (avivapools.com)  This site will also provide additional background and news on products, services and dealers who support our products.

Finding the perfect pool typically involves having a conversation with your local Aviva Pools dealer.  These dealers are selected to provide knowledgeable information to help make your dreams come true by providing the right product for your lifestyle – and to provide you with a reasonable and fair estimation on timing, pricing and additional design features/landscaping.

We invite you to take advantage of this expertise by submitting your contact information through our website or by calling us at 833-AVIVA-POOLS (833-281-1604).  If you need additional information, we invite you to contact us via [email protected].

fiberglass swimming pool lifestyle

dreams come true

As recent events have shown us, now is not the time to delay enjoying what life has to offer.  Life is too precious to waste on sacrificing what is most important – which is living life to its fullest, sharing time with family and friends, and creating memories that will enrich everyone who participates.

Aviva Pools is about you.  Making your dreams come true.  Let’s create something wonderful together.