At Aviva Pools, we understand the allure of beach vacations. After all, they offer an opportunity to escape from the daily grind, indulge in the healing properties of saltwater and allow you to create unforgettable memories with loved ones.

However, beach vacations also come with their own set of challenges and expenses. Fortunately, you can enjoy all the benefits of a beach vacation without ever leaving the comfort of your home. With the stylish collection of inground fiberglass backyard swimming pools offered by Aviva Pools, your personal oasis is easily within reach. Aviva Pools provides all the relaxation and enjoyment of a beach escape without any of the hassles, headaches and expenses typically associated with a vacation.

to choose a fiberglass pool over a beach vacation.

1. Immerse in Crystal-Clear Waters

While the ocean may appear pristine from afar, a closer look reveals contaminants, debris, and pollution that can pose certain health risks. With a fiberglass pool, you have complete control over the water quality. Maintain a clean, safe swimming environment by controlling the chemicals used and keeping a regular cleaning schedule. For a touch of oceanic authenticity, opt for a salt-water chlorinator and enjoy the benefits of a saltwater pool right in your backyard. (Plus, there are a few health benefits associated with saltwater swimming. These include better skin, improved blood circulation and an enhanced immune system.)

2. Enjoy Unmatched Convenience

Planning and embarking on a beach vacation can be time-consuming and stressful. You have so much with which to contend. First of all, you have to book flights and make all necessary accommodations. Next, you have to tend to all that packing and preparing everything – and everyone – to leave. Finally, you have to organize and coordinate any and all related transportation. With a backyard pool, you can eliminate these concerns and enjoy the luxury of stepping into your personal oasis whenever you desire. Say goodbye to the chaos and embrace tranquility as soon as you walk out your back door.

3. Experience Ultimate Privacy

Crowded beaches can make it difficult to find the peace and quiet you crave. A backyard pool offers unparalleled privacy, allowing you to unwind without the distraction of strangers and noise. Create your own sanctuary, all tailored to your unique tastes and preferences.

4. Prioritize Safety First

Swimming in the ocean comes with inherent risks, including encounters with marine creatures, unpredictable waves and dangerous currents. A backyard pool, on the other hand, provides a controlled environment where you and your family can swim without worry. Keep an eye on your children and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are safe and close at hand.

5. Perfect Water Temperature Every Day of the Year

Ocean temperatures can vary greatly depending on location and time of year, This can potentially make swimming uncomfortable or even impossible. With a heated fiberglass pool, you can enjoy the perfect water temperature throughout the year, maximizing the benefits of swimming for both your body and mind.

Staycation Checklist

Choosing a fiberglass pool over a beach vacation provides numerous benefits:

  • Access to soothing saltwater (with a salt-water chlorinator)
  • Opportunities for exercise and resistance training
  • Exposure to vitamin D from the sun
  • A tranquil space for clearing your mind
  • Endless opportunities to create cherished memories
  • A private oasis tailored to your lifestyle, needs and budget

Let Aviva Pools help you create the ultimate staycation experience. Instead of contacting a travel agent or browsing vacation websites, connect with a local dealer who can bring paradise to your backyard. Explore our brochure for inspiration. Then close your eyes and imagine the bliss of stepping into your personal oasis whenever you please. No reservations required. Last minute guests welcome.