If you truly want a luxurious inground fiberglass swimming pool, it’s all about choosing the right features. Granted, when it comes to determining what makes a pool luxurious, it all boils down to what you, the pool owner, deem as luxurious. As they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

By nature, we enjoy beautiful and luxurious things for the emotional impact they distinctly have on us as individuals. Just as you may prefer one genre of music, your loved one may find it lackluster. In other words, not all of us know much about art, but we certainly know what we like.

That being said, when it comes to elevating your inground fiberglass pool to an even more luxurious level, you don’t have to be a professional to pull it off. While you may not necessarily be able to articulate exactly what you want to add that decided layer of luxury to your backyard pool setting, your emotional response to what you see in other designs will make it clear to you.

Frankly, it is those emotional responses to what you want that are truly at the heart of this matter. Remember feeling inspired by something you saw while traveling? You know in your heart you want something when you see it. So, in other words, the emotions you experience and how you decide to implement those are what separate luxurious pools from the rest.

Therefore, if you want to inspire a feeling of luxury, you have to tap into those emotions. However, incorporating that layer of luxury also requires a few other important elements.


In order to achieve that luxurious feeling for your inground fiberglass pool, you have to transform your emotions into something tangible.  That can seem a bit complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.  Pool builders simply have to understand your desires and what you want. As such, you have to be clear and transparent in that regard. Let the pool builder interview you to determine the lifestyle you want to achieve. Attention to detail is critical at this point, and a good inground pool builder will thoroughly cover every aspect of the project with you.


Although you can look at a beautiful inground fiberglass swimming pool and deem it to be beautiful, a pool that is perfectly executed also requires other elements that stand in harmony with the pool.  First of all, it is imperative to incorporate landscape and hardscape appointments that are in line not only with the architecture of the home but also with the natural surroundings. These pieces have to be in concert without seeming forced.

Next, consider the coping for the pool as well as for the deck.  Do you want exotic stone? How about some manmade finishes that add brilliance and shine to your pool’s finishes? The right touch can truly bring out the magic. Be careful, however, of taking it over the top. Vanishing edges or glass walls are definitely eye-catching, but when not incorporated appropriately, they can come off as distasteful.

Luxurious fiberglass pool with beautiful landscaping


When you are designing that backyard pool of your dreams, you want to make not only an elegant statement but also be the envy of your friends. Once you have fully communicated with your pool builder about your vision for your backyard oasis and have decided on the ambiance you want to inspire, here are a few additional suggestions to create a total design statement:

1. Incorporate high-tech LED lighting

Forget about the harsh white lighting of days gone by. Today’s LED lighting options from companies such as PAL and Hayward allow you to bring a calm and serene ambiance to your backyard pool setting. You can also consider some of the color-changing options that you can easily control remotely.

Luxurious swimming pool lighting

2. Create a wellness center

Why not add a sophisticated spa to your backyard paradise?  Aviva Pools has an elegant selection of stylish signature spas that definitely turn up the volume on magnificence.  You can bring a luxurious vibe with LED lights, aromatherapy essences, and a built-in music system.  Plus, a spa can be enjoyed year-round, is easy to maintain, and is a great way to bring people together.  All of the Aviva spas come with spillover options, which leads us to our next suggestion…

3. Add some stunning water features

Isn’t it interesting how the sound of gently flowing water creates a sense of elegance and serenity all at once? Plus, a water feature such as a waterfall can disguise unwanted outside noises, including traffic and people outside of your property.

4. Create more visual interest with a tanning ledge

Crafted with an artisan spirit, our stylish tanning ledges definitely bring the “wow” factor to your inground backyard pool ensemble. You can enjoy the warm embrace of the sun while relaxing in a comfortable lounge chair in refreshing water. Add some water jets, bubblers, or sun umbrellas, and your backyard paradise can easily rival any opulent resort.

Important Concept

Luxury is not just a completed project or an element directly incorporated into the style of the backyard pool. Instead, a luxurious backyard pool is more of a feeling, an experience, and even a sensation that, when you know it, you just know it. It is about every element within and around the pool working together without one overpowering the other. When you set your eyes upon it, the invitation to luxury will be quite evident as it encourages you to participate in it.

Learn more about our premium products and warranty guarantees here.  Backed by world class design paired with flawless manufacturing, the stunning collection of inground fiberglass pools and spas from Aviva Pools will definitely be the talk of the town. After all, luxury demands excellence.  Aviva Pools delivers that experience.

If you are ready to bring a layer of luxury to your backyard, contact us today.  Let’s get started making your dreams come true.