As the heat of summer settles in, let this stunning backyard fiberglass pool and spa installation provide the inspiration for a welcome oasis at your home. Nestled seamlessly within the meticulously landscaped yard, this version of the Aviva Pools Luxe 35 has a sleek, blue-tinted shell that glistens under the sun, offering a cool contrast to the warmth around it.

A defining feature of the Luxe is the state-of-the-art splash pad integrated into the design of the pool. It’s designed to be a compliment to the pool itself, its surface echoing the same sparkling blue color and crafted from anti-slip material, ensuring safety without compromising style.

adjacent to the splash pad

Adjacent to the splash pad is an array of cascading waterfalls, their soothing sounds creating a peaceful and tranquil ambiance. The sleek and stylish hardscaping surrounding the pool area enhances the overall design and functionality of the area. With a variety of lounging and entertainment spaces, there are sun-drenched spots ideal for lazy afternoon siestas to a cozy sheltered area.

Finally, the integrated fire features set the scene for unforgettable evening gatherings. Custom-built within the hardscaping, they easily come to life as night falls, casting a warm glow over the pool area.

Take a look at this beautiful installation of the Aviva Pools Luxe 35 and let yourself dream.