The pleasure of owning a fiberglass swimming pool or spa means you have an exclusive escape to unwind and a space for wholesome fun within the confines of your own residence. Nevertheless, these amenities inherently carry certain risks. Therefore, as a discerning owner, the safety of every user is your paramount responsibility. Aviva Pools is committed to ensuring that you craft unforgettable moments with your family and friends while also maintaining the utmost safety standards.

Here are some steps you can adopt to reinforce water safety in and around your exquisite fiberglass pool and spa all year round:

Safety Assurance Protocols 

1.) Implement a fence and gate or some sort of barrier or enclosure around your pool and spa vicinity. A self-closing, self-latching gate further enhances safety. This will serve as a preventative measure against accidental entry. A fence or similar enclosure ensures nobody can have access to your pool and spa area unless directed by you. This includes your own children.  The fence should be at least four feet high, too.

2.) If feasible, integrate a pool or spa alarm system. These advanced devices are designed to alert you to any unauthorized access to the pool and spa areas. Consider attaching an alarm to every gate. This way, when you are alerted by the alarm, you have a better chance of getting to the pool in time before anyone falls into the water.

3.) Ensure all pool and spa drains are adequately covered. Improperly covered drains can cause severe accidents due to their suction power. Pools and spas rely on suction-based drains to get rid of dirt, body oil and other debris from the pool. This in turn keeps the water clean. Because pool drains use suction to filter out this unwanted matter, people can be at risk of becoming trapped. This is especially true for smaller, lighter-weight children and adults who get too close to the drain.

4.) Maintain an uncluttered and clean environment in the pool and spa areas. While pool toys can enhance enjoyment, they may also pose potential hazards. Colorful pool tools can definitely catch a child’s eye. Therefore, put them away at the end of each pool session just to remain on the safe side.

At Aviva Pools®, we work ensure the highest level of safety, security and comfort for you and your family.

5.) Keep a well-equipped first aid kit within easy reach. Swift action can be a lifesaver during emergencies. A well-stocked first aid kit for the pool should at least include two absorbent compresses, a variety of bandages in assorted sizes, several one-gram antibiotic ointment packs,  aspirin, a cold compress, adhesive cloth tape and non-latex gloves in a variety of sizes. If you have a life ring, too, keep it handy and within sight. It won’t do you much good if you can’t find it when you need it. Keep at least one piece of pool safety equipment in sight and in an obvious spot near the water.

6.) Constantly monitor children and inexperienced swimmers when they are in the pool or spa. Even with flotation devices, accidents can still occur. Additionally, make sure children get out of the pool at least once every hour. First of all, this reduces fatigue in young swimmers. Secondly, it gives them a chance to get some food and water. Finally, it is also a great time to take a bathroom break.

7.) Provide swimming lessons and water safety practices to children. Teach them to avoid running around the pool or diving into shallow water. Further, discourage unsupervised swimming. Taking precautions to avoid accidents in and around the pool is very important.

8.) Inspect all electrical equipment thoroughly. In doing so, this ensures it is grounded and compliant with safety codes. Faulty wiring can be hazardous. Further, if you are using any electrical devices near the pool, these and their corresponding cords should be kept at least 10 feet away from all water sources. Use battery-operated devices whenever possible. Also, refrain from handling electrical devices when you are wet.

Here are some steps you can adopt to reinforce water safety in and around your fiberglass pool

9.) Regularly check the water chemistry. Proper pH and chlorine levels should be within acceptable parameters. It is important, too, to store all pool chemicals in temperature-controlled spaces that are inaccessible to others, especially young children. Pool chemical safety is key to avoiding injury at the pool.

Additionally, an automatic pool safety cover is a strategic addition to your fiberglass pool and spa safety measures. This extra layer of protection offers enhanced security and peace of mind for your backyard fiberglass pool and spa.

In case of emergencies, ensure everyone is prepared and well-versed with a contingency plan. Make emergency contact information readily accessible. Adherence to these safety measures will ensure a secure and pleasurable environment for everyone. Safety should always be your priority when it comes to swimming pools and spas.

At Aviva Pools®, we celebrate the best life has to offer. By prioritizing safety, you can relish in tranquil enjoyment and create cherished memories with family and friends around your fiberglass backyard pool and spa. Contact us today to transform your backyard dreams into reality.