modern elegance in fiberglass pool artistry

In Charlotte, North Carolina, an award-winning backyard fiberglass swimming pool installation by Olde York Pools has become a symbol of blending tradition with modernity. This fiberglass pool from Aviva Pools, masterfully nestled in its surroundings, captures the essence of timeless elegance combined with contemporary flair. Its classic lines effortlessly evoke feelings of timeless relaxation.

Further, the innovative use of modern materials and technology ensures optimal efficiency and sustainability. The harmonious integration of both the classic and contemporary elements not only distinguishes this installation as a true masterpiece but also positions it as a testament to Aviva Pools’ commitment to excellence and innovation, as evidenced by its head-turning swimming pool collection.

Olde York Pools: setting the gold standard in pool building

Meet Olde York Pools based in York, South Carolina and serving upstate South Carolina and the greater Charlotte, North Carolina areas. A far cry from your standard pool builder, this team blends rich heritage with an innovative approach. Their unique blend? Committing to realistic timelines, prioritizing clear communication and delivering unmatched quality. This is not just a standard approach for them, either. It is a commitment to providing the best in service and products to each and every client.

marrying tradition with trend in every creation

Billy Simms, owner of Olde York, is a testament to a legacy unmatched in the pool world. Stepping into a new era from the foundational 1960s liner pools that his late father used to install, Simms’ transition to fiberglass pools is a fascinating tale of blending an unwavering mindset of superior customer service with new and innovative backyard pool solutions. The outcomes? Spectacular creations that define luxury.

from untouched land to enchanting oasis

Imagine an untouched expansive terrain, transformed into a sanctuary featuring The Apex 40 with an overflow spa. This heated fiberglass pool, in the standout Bora Bora Black hue partnered with mesmerizing LED lights from Hayward, is contemporary elegance personified. The added overflow spa and cascading water sheers ensure every moment is wrapped in serenity. It is truly an embrace of the senses.

Olde York Pools of South Carolina wins pool of the month

modern living meets relaxation

This Charlotte, North Carolina fiberglass pool installation isn’t just about aesthetics, either. Its fully automated system from Hayward OmniLogic makes a variety of pool functions easily accessible through smart devices. Translation? Modern-day convenience. The homeowners can remotely operate the pool’s functions, from lights to heating, whether long distance or simply poolside.

two visions, one stunning reality

Simms’ journey with the homeowners is one of shared dreams and collective realization. By combining the homeowners’ aspirations with the creativity of the Olde York Pools’ team of experts, they crafted a space that’s both alluring and efficient. As a bonus, this pool played the lead in an unforgettable birthday surprise.

“We actually finished up this installation right before a surprise birthday party for the husband,” noted Simms. “Everything turned out wonderfully.”

choosing excellence every single time

Simms’ unwavering trust in Aviva Pools cannot be denied. The distinct allure of the stylish collection of fiberglass pools, renowned for their speedy installation and polished finish, becomes even more special when married to Olde York Pools’ passion for perfection.

For those who believe in savoring life’s luxuries, this North Carolina-based backyard fiberglass pool installation by Olde York Pools is a beacon. It’s a testament to the fact that with vision and collaboration, dreams can manifest in the form of a stunning backyard oasis. Here’s to luxurious lounging and backyard bliss.

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