backyard goals from Aviva Pools

Let’s talk about backyard goals. Aviva Pools is renowned for crowning the crème de la crème of pool installations. This September 2023 Pool of the Month winner gives strong testament to that sentiment. Sam Juarez, owner of Juarez Excavating & Fiberglass Pools, has seemingly just raised the bar right before our very eyes. If you’re looking to elevate your outdoor game, this masterpiece in a cozy Grimes, Iowa, neighborhood is where aspiration meets inspiration.

vibrant, social and active

The owners of this newly constructed home and backyard paradise may be retired, but they are still on full throttle. Their eye for style and design tends to set them apart as people who set trends rather than follow them.

Having recently built this luxurious ranch-style home in Grimes, Iowa, they were clear on their vision: to have a backyard that is as iconic as they are. This couple doesn’t do anything half-heartedly. Known for hosting large (and perhaps legendary!) gatherings, they envisioned a pool that’s not just a place to swim but also a statement of their taste and penchant for the finer things in life. (Plus, it’s also a great place to gather with the grandkids and create some lasting memories together.)

Sam Juarez

In the fast-paced world of pool design and aquatic luxury, you don’t just want any pool builder; you want a visionary. Enter Sam Juarez. As one of the top dealers for Aviva Pools in the Midwest, he’s the go-to guy for those who don’t settle for ordinary.

With years of specialized concrete work under his belt (both commercial and residential), Juarez and his team have established themselves as the trusted experts in not only installing pools but also crafting the surrounding hardscape. Thus, they ensure every backyard transformation is both beautiful and durable.

“I like to think we bring more to the table for each customer than our competition,” emphasized Juarez. “Aviva Pools takes great care of us. In turn, we take great care of our customers.”

the Apex 40 from Aviva Pools

The Apex 40 in Tahiti Blue pool from Aviva Pools, paired with the luxe Savu Spa, isn’t just a pool; it’s a vibe. Aviva Pools, globally recognized for their avant-garde design and tech integration, stands at the intersection of innovation and relaxation. This stylish fiberglass swimming pool offers a full-width splash pad seamlessly integrating a full-length bench. Whether you’re up for sun-kissed relaxation or a refreshing plunge into the calm waters, it’s luxury at every depth.

the Apex from Aviva Pools Deserves to Be Well-Dressed

The Apex 40 fiberglass pool from Aviva Pools redefines backyard aesthetics. For starters, the automatic pool cover from Integra Pool Covers offers that sleek look with zero fuss. And the Rosetta stone fire bowls? Now those add a layer of decided drama.

Further, this fiberglass pool is uniquely appointed with luminous water features, which include those cascading into the pool directly from the fire bowls and the bubbler set at one end. Now you have the ideal setting for those Instagram-worthy evenings right at your fingertips.

Additional features include a saltwater chlorination system and strategically integrated light features to create another layer of drama and intrigue.

THE FINISHING TOUCHES: eye-catching appointments all around
eye-catching appointments all around

Juarez’s genius isn’t limited to just the pool. The stamped concrete patio is also a testament to chic outdoor living, providing that perfect backdrop for both brunches and late-night soirees. The contiguous landscaping and fencing? That was all crafted to perfection by the Juarez team to complement the forward-thinking design of this fiberglass swimming pool from Aviva Pools.

the Juarez Excavating & Fiberglass Pools’ guarantee

Smooth execution and a stunning outcome – that’s the Juarez guarantee. This fiberglass pool builder has a track record that speaks volumes, with a whopping 58 fiberglass pool installations projected by the end of 2023.

So, why settle for the usual when you can redefine luxury? Juarez Excavating & Fiberglass Pools is not just about installations. This company operates on full throttle when it comes to crafting an experience and, well, a premier lifestyle, too.

For the ambitious, the go-getters and the ones who know they deserve nothing but the best, this is where dreams take shape.

At Aviva Pools, we believe you deserve the best. Connect with your local dealer today to put your backyard paradise dreams into action.