If you want to think outside of the box when it comes to a unique Christmas gift that everyone in the family will enjoy, then think inside the fiberglass swimming pool. An Aviva Pools® glamorous and contemporary composite fiberglass swimming pool, to be precise.

the nice list

There’s nothing “nicer” than having your own fiberglass swimming pool. The kids can just run out the back door and into a glorious pool to play in, swim in, and have daily activities.  Or you can simply relax by the poolside, reading your book or, these days, working safely from home and being the envy of all those Zoom calls.

Aviva Pools are truly the gift that keeps on giving (to borrow a phrase heard frequently this time of the year.) With a Lifetime Structural Warranty and a Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty plus a 10-year Surface Warranty, this is a gift that will continue to provide joy and happiness for years (with proper maintenance and care.) All you need to do is continue to send those holiday cards with pictures of the family by the pool each year.

big helpers

If you are wondering just how on earth Santa can load all those amazing backyard pools onto his sleigh, well, we are going to let you in on a little secret: he has some pretty big helpers on the ground. It does take some muscle to get these luxurious swimming pools installed, but Aviva Pools local dealers are working right up to Christmas Day to make wishes come true.

Take, for example, Aquamarine Pools, the award-winning pool builder with the largest showroom of fiberglass pools in Texas. Aquamarine Pools has been making waves this holiday season with the delivery of some incredible backyard pools to some extremely happy families. Let’s take a look at some exciting projects that show how they are helping families all across Texas in making this year an exciting holiday.

Corpus Christi, TX

First of all, these homeowners are thrilled to receive their new 30-foot Aviva Pools “Dynasty” in Tahiti Blue. Although it may be December, visions of summer are already dancing in their heads.

This one-piece, inground composite fiberglass pool, available in 30 and 26-foot dimensions (plus a newly added 35-foot edition,) features a unique splash pad that is six and half feet wide and almost 13 feet in length! It is the perfect place to sit and relax. Of course, you can also enjoy a quick swim if you so desire. The Dynasty is a regal package perfect for unveiling during the holidays.

La Vernia, TX

The Aquamarine elves have moved slightly faster in La Vernia with the installation of this Aviva Pools “Dynasty 26” in Maldives Blue.

Next, in this photo taken during the week before Christmas, you can see the gorgeous splash pad that is six and a half feet wide and 12’10” in length.  We can’t wait to see the family lounging in their new splash pad for an incredible holiday photo. This has comfort and joy written all over it. You will feel like the King or Queen of the castle when you walk out to your backyard with this breath-taking beauty beckoning you to come and stay for a while. If luxury could be wrapped and topped with a bow, this is how it would look.

Seguin, TX

Finally, this is the HOT gift this holiday season!  One of Aviva Pools newest designs is this stylish and sleek “Apex” design.

This edition is the Aviva Pools “Apex 30” in Exuma Silver which is sure to turns heads in Seguin, Texas. Elegant and sophisticated, it offers a full-width splash pad AND a full-length bench along one side of the pool.

The Apex is offered in three lengths (40, 35 feet and 30 feet.) Just close your eyes and envision you and your family and friends gathering, playing, and relaxing on the full-width splash pad. With a water depth of about 18 inches in this space, you can place a few chairs and even a table on the splash pad and extend the many uses of this luxurious pool.

Plus, you cannot go wrong with its full-length bench and step in-out seat.  The bench extends beyond the splash pad area and continues into the deep end of the pool. This allows you and your guests to easily step in and out of the pool, play in various depths of the pools, or just sit on and relax. Whatever the moment feels like to you, the Apex can deliver that feeling.

The Apex seamlessly blends form with function with its eye-catching appeal and its practical entertainment options. Plus, with the 40-foot version, there is plenty of room for everyone to get in the swim of things.

and convenience

With every Aviva Pools swimming pool, there is the added element of a safety/step ledge. This is an integral part of the overall design and is an area that provides roughly two inches of depth around the pool.  This is ideal for those less confident swimmers who prefer to grasp onto a ledge to pull themselves up. It also provides a step if they want to get to the waterline or just want quicker access to the top of the pool.

any time of the year

Life is all about experiences, right?  Why not give your family the experience of a lifetime that keeps on giving day after day? Think of all the time you will spend making memories together, getting more exercise, soaking up the sun and getting some good old fashioned Vitamin D in the process.  All around, it’s a definite win-win for everyone. Plus, with an inground fiberglass swimming pool, you may just find yourself starting new traditions that you never would have thought of in the past.

NOW is the time to order your new Aviva Pools composite fiberglass swimming pool.  This will make it much easier to have your pool built and delivered in time to enjoy it for the summer swim season.  And when the pool arrives, it will feel like Christmas all over again.

to “thank you, Santa”

Aviva Pools is here to help you make your fiberglass swimming pool dreams come true.  The first step towards making this happen is by reviewing your design and color options. We invite you to visit our website at https://avivapools.com or download our brochure.

The next step is to then call your helpful local dealer who can provide you with more information, guidance and a free estimate.  To find your local dealer, call (833) AVIVA-POOLS (833-284-8276) or submit your contact information at our website.

In Texas, be sure to reach out to Aquamarine Pools via their website or call them at (800) 432-8994.

Then sit back and enjoy hearing the squeals of joy from your family all year round as you all enjoy “the best gift ever.”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!